Can You Breed Greninja With Ditto?

Many Pokémon fans have long wondered if they can breed the popular water and dark type Pokémon, Greninja, with the ever versatile Ditto. The short answer is yes – breeding a Greninja with a Ditto is certainly possible! To get started, you’ll need to first find wild Ditto to capture and add to your team. Once you have a ready-to-battle Ditto in your possession, it’s time to start the breeding process. First off, you’ll want to make sure that both Pokémon are at least level 10 before introducing them into Day Care.

This ensures that their stats and other important aspects will be high enough for successful egg hatching. If both Greninja and Ditto meet this requirement, take them over to the Day Care center near your home town. There, they’ll be able to breed with each other to produce an egg containing another version of either one or both of the parents. After a few hours inside the Day Care center, Greninja and Ditto will typically produce an egg containing their offspring.

This egg will take roughly three hours to hatch once placed into an Incubator, after which point you’ll finally be able to see what mutant creature hatches out of it! Will it be a supercharged version of either parent or something completely unexpected? There’s only one way to find out! Overall, despite being two pretty different monsters when compared side by side, Greninja and Ditto can actually breed successfully if conditions are right. As such, if you’re looking for an interesting twist on one of your favorite Pokémon species why not try breeding Greninja with Ditto? Who knows what type of results you may end up with!

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