What is the Largest Cotton Farm in Australia?

The largest cotton farm in Australia is located on the Murray River near Renmark, South Australia. Owned by Queensland-based company Sunrice, this farm spans over 7500 hectares and produces an average of 2.4 million bales of cotton per year. This vast expanse of land has been farmed for more than 150 years and employs about 500 people. As one of the most productive farms in all of Australia, this site provides a wealth of employment opportunities as well as a significant contribution to the country’s economy through its exports to countries such as India and China.

In addition to being the largest cotton farm in Australia, this commercial agricultural operation is also one of the country’s most technologically advanced. It houses a state-of-the-art irrigation system that consists of a network of canals and dams.

The farm also has a centralized cotton gin and packing center, which enables the processing and packaging of all harvested cotton in one place. The Sunrice farm is tightly managed to ensure that the highest standards of water use and environmental sustainability are met.

In addition to cotton, this vast property produces large amounts of seed for crops such as wheat, corn, and sorghum. Sunrice also has seed processing and commercial storage operations located on the farm, along with other facilities such as a fertilizer depot and bulk fuel facilities.

Today, this vast agricultural operation is self-sufficient in terms of energy supply, using internal combustion engines for irrigation pumps and diesel generators to run the irrigation system when solar power fails.

In 2014, this vast property was inducted into the Australian Cotton Hall of Fame as a recognition for its outstanding contribution to cotton production across the country.

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