What Is the Largest Airline in the World by Fleet Size?

We have looked at the largest airlines in Europe, in Asia and in North America, which means the largest airline is really the world’s largest airline by fleet size. A quick check using Wikipedia shows that they have an estimate of 10,820 aircraft in operation. Our largest airline is really Qatar Airways which is no surprise, but we were really surprised to note that the next place is Malaysia Airlines!

I wonder how this one comes out. Qatar Airways has 8,600 aircraft, which is a large enough fleet size that their fleet is clearly larger than that of second-place airlines. Malaysia Airlines is still well down the list at 5,700 aircraft. 

Qatar Airways’ fleet size is larger than that of almost all other carriers in the world. We recently took a look at the ten largest world carrier fleets. If we were ranking large fleets, Qatar Airways wouldn’t be any lower than the third-world carrier on the list. Take a look at its size as measured in fleet size:

Qatar Airlines — 1,095 aircraft

China Southern Airlines — 842 aircraft

Qatar Airways — 930 aircraft

Air France-KLM — 862 aircraft

China Eastern Airlines — 737 aircraft

United Airlines — 695 aircraft

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. — 659 aircraft

Air Baltic — 628 aircraft

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