What Is The Biggest Bearded Dragon Ever Recorded?

Bearded dragons are some of the most beloved reptiles in the world. With their friendly demeanor and playfully inquisitive nature, it’s no wonder that they’re such popular pets. However, despite their small size, bearded dragons can grow to impressive sizes, with the biggest ever recorded reaching an incredible length of 24 inches.

This impressive size was recorded in 2016 and was achieved by a bearded dragon named ‘Goliath’. Goliath was owned by a family in California, who had rescued him from a pet store after he was found to be too large to be sold. When they took him in, Goliath was already a substantial size, measuring in at 17 inches, but he continued to grow over the next few years until he reached his full size of 24 inches.

Goliath was found to have an unusually long tail, which accounted for a large portion of his overall length. He also had an exceptionally large head and body, making him an impressive sight to behold. His owners also found that he had a surprisingly calm and gentle demeanor, which made him a great pet for their family.

Goliath’s impressive size was an anomaly for his species, as the average bearded dragon only grows to about 12-18 inches. Despite his size, Goliath was still able to climb and move around with relative ease, although he was a bit slower than other dragons. He was also found to be relatively easy to handle, and his owners were able to take him out for walks and train him with relative ease.

Goliath was a beloved pet for his family, and his story has made him something of a celebrity in the world of bearded dragons. While his size may never be matched, his story serves as an inspiration to other pet owners, showing that even the smallest of animals can have a big impact on our lives.

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