What Is The Shortest Baseball Game In History?

The shortest baseball game in history is believed to have taken place on September 28, 1892, between the Brooklyn Grooms and the Cincinnati Reds. The game lasted a mere 51 minutes, with the Reds winning 6-2. There are several reasons why this game was so short. First, there were only seven innings instead of the usual nine. Second, both teams had already played a doubleheader that day (hence the reason for only seven innings), so they were probably tired and not playing their best. Third, there were no walks or errors committed by either team; all 21 outs were made via strikeouts or fly balls. Finally, there was very little time between pitches; according to one source, “the pitchers worked quickly and efficiently”

So there you have it: the shortest baseball game in history lasted just 51 minutes from start to finish!

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