What is the biggest flower is the world?

The biggest flower in the world is the Giant Rafflesia of Indonesia. It’s so large that it’s usually hidden from view, and can produce pods that measure up to two feet long or more!

The flower will first grow as a rosette on the forest floor and will reach its full size after about five years. If it were one day to stand upright on its base, its petals would drag across the ground on average 3-5 feet (1-2 meters) on either side, measuring about 7-8 inches (18 cm) thick. This means that if you found a space 20 feet wide and green-lighted this monstrous plant, it could span up across 43 yards (37 m). These giant beauties are also known to have one of the most foul-smelling blooms in the plant world, making their presence all the more difficult to spot. Just smelling it can send a deer running away!

The flower is still relatively rare in its natural habitat but has been cultivated by cultivation companies in Indonesia that come into bloom around 6-12 times a year, while some have been seen to bloom 12-13 times a year.

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