What Is the Largest Airline in the World?

The world’s largest airline is American Airlines, with 82,000 employees and 109 aircraft.

It’s a family story of love and collaboration. Before 1926, a small Texas company called Varney Air Lines transformed into the nucleus of a growing industry. Back then, flights averaged six passengers per plane flying an average trip length of 300 miles each way – still close to home back then – but preparing us for today’s intercontinental routes that can cover up to 5400 miles one way.
In our more than 80 years as pioneers in this business of aviation success has been guided by these five principles:

  • Partnership foremost among equals
  • Innovation that matters most
  • Commitment from day one
  • Safety always first
  • Mundane tasks so others


American Airlines has the most flights to offer at eight different US destinations. They are also the largest airline in North America, which does not allow any other countries to compete for the title of the world’s largest airline.

Their fleet consists of more than 9,600 aircraft’s total. The next largest is Delta Air Lines with about 5,800 planes in their garages. Third on the list is United Airlines with 4500 planes and finally China Southern Airways with 2500 planes.

The ranking of airlines by passengers served is similar to that size metric, but there are some notable differences including a number of routes flown and a number of destinations served. American flies 13 thousand flights a day to 354 cities across six continents combined while US-rival Delta

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