What Is the Largest Bull?

World’s largest bull measured in Spain

The world’s largest bull has been named “Pamplona.” This 2,000-pound beast is five feet tall and eight feet long. Pamplona was found wandering near a village in the province of Huesca, northeastern Spain. After being captured by local police officers on July 6th, he was sent to a livestock fair where officials from the Guinness Record Book of Records measured him for two hours before announcing their findings. His owner will be rewarded with €3,500 euros ($4,200) for this new record.

“He is far bigger than any bull I’ve seen or heard of, and also fatter,” said Antonio Morante Camacho, mayor of Pamplona (the city in Spain where people run from bulls during the annual San Fermin festival).

“I never thought I’d live to see this day. It is the record of a whole life.”

Bulls are typically around 11 feet tall at the shoulder. Pamplona’s height is still well within the range of normal bull sizes, but his immense circumference puts him in a class by himself. He would easily outpace any human sprinter.

The owner of the bull has decided to use this newfound fame to promote local tourism. Plans are underway to open Pamplona’s Ranch, an interactive farm where tourists can watch Pamplona in action.

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