What is the largest sinkhole?

If you are reading this post, then you are interested in learning what is the largest sinkhole in the world. Before you know it, you are on top of it. The sinkhole is also a type of natural hole, where the ground drops away from the surface. This usually happens in the middle of mountains, and it usually covers hundreds of acres of earth and rocks. If you are interested in the largest sinkhole in the U.S., it is located near the town of Murrieta, California. The hole is called the Big Morongo Basin Sinkhole that is a sinkhole with a diameter of 400 meters (1300 feet).

History of the Big Morongo Basin Sinkhole

Originally, the Big Morongo Basin Sinkhole was found in 1922 by a group of horsemen who were passing by one day and when no sign of life was found, they followed their tracks back and discovered it. The sinkhole has a diameter of around 400 meters (1300 feet). It is located in the Morongo basin in California. For most of its history, the sinkhole was the largest of its kind. The origin of the sinkhole has always been a mystery to earth scientists. However, at some point, the ground beneath the sinkhole started to drop out, causing the basin to get deeper and deeper. Eventually, it came to be a few hundred yards deep and became an underground sinkhole. The sinkhole has been around for at least a few hundred thousand years, and probably longer. Today, the sinkhole is covered by sediment, which fills it in completely. Its diameter was measured at around 400 m (1300 feet) in 1925. Scientists have debated for years in looking into various explanations for this giant sinkhole.

There is much historical information concerning the Big Morongo Basin Sinkhole. The fact that the sinkhole is located in California adds much to the story. Many famous men had a hand in making history with regard to the Big Morongo Basin Sinkhole. These include Charles Russell Wells who founded the State of California, Henry Wells, Henry Wells McConville, Thomas Starr King, and Edward Doheny. The story that follows is a summary of the history that led to the sinkhole being formed.

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