Where to find the largest inflatable water slide?

Guinness World Records to recognize the largest inflatable water slide

Inflatable water slides are a popular choice for summer fun. Water parks, pools, and backyard parties all offer these interactive, wet attractions. But which has the title for being the world’s largest? The answer is at Bayou City Adventures in Houston. With a height of 95 feet, this slide is officially recognized as the Guinness World Record holder! Bayou City Adventure’s owner stated that they were very excited to be able to provide such an exciting attraction for their guests and visitors alike. This giant inflatable takes up almost half of their parking lot, but it provides hours upon hours of enjoyment with its multiple lanes and two stories worth of free-fall speed. The record-breaking waterslide is also environmentally friendly, using 20% recycled water throughout its inflatable length.

The record-breaking waterslide was opened to the public on July 1, 2012. It received its official recognition from Guinness World Records on October 7, 2012.  It has become an incredibly popular attraction for Bayou City Adventures and is still drawing in crowds months after its opening.

To enjoy this place, you need to spend money ($5.95 adults, $4.50 children), but it is worth the experience!


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