What Is The Largest Housing Project In America?

The largest housing project in America is the Wheeler Ridge Housing Project in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Built to provide affordable housing for members of the military and their family during World War II, Wheeler Ridge consists of more than 200 homes spread across 140 acres. The project opened in 1943 and was funded by the US Government with a budget of $2 million. Upon completion, Wheeler Ridge was one of the most ambitious public housing projects ever built in the United States. Today, it stands as a testament to the power of collective action and community spirit.

Wheeler Ridge was designed to provide quality housing to veterans and their families. Each house was constructed with two bedrooms, and all had access to a full bathroom, kitchen, and a living area. The houses were located in close proximity to each other and situated in an attractive park-like setting, with well-tended lawns and gardens. The project also featured recreational facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools, which provided further spaces for relaxation and entertainment. In addition, Wheeler Ridge provided educational programs for the local community, and the project included its own daycare center.
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