Where is the smallest Walmart in America?

The smallest Walmart in America can be found in South Carolina. Located in the small town of Glennville, this Walmart is only 6,000 square feet – making it the smallest Walmart store in the entire United States. This mini-Walmart features a variety of general merchandise items such as clothes and toys, but it also serves as a pharmacy, as well.

Customers visiting this location can take advantage of a variety of services, including prescription drug refills and photo processing. While it may not have the same selection of items that larger Walmart stores do, the Glennville store is still a great place to go for all your basic shopping needs!

Where is the smallest Walmart?

The smallest Walmart in the United States is located in Richfield, Ohio. The store measures just 28,000 square feet and has a limited selection of merchandise compared to other Walmart stores. However, it still offers essential items such as groceries, health and beauty products, electronics and home goods.

This store is one of many small format Walmarts that are popping up around the country, offering customers the convenience of Walmart shopping in an even more convenient location. Other small format stores include Neighborhood Markets and Express locations. These stores usually measure around 30,000 square feet or less and offer a mix of groceries, pharmacy services, pet supplies and other convenience items.

What state has the least amount of Walmarts?

The state with the least number of Walmarts is Alaska. As of 2020, there are just 20 Walmarts located in the entire state, compared to more than 5,000 locations across the United States. Hawaii has even fewer Walmart stores; as of 2020, it had only 14 locations in total. While these two states have the least number of Walmarts, other states have relatively fewer stores as well.

For example, North Dakota has just 43 Walmart stores compared to its population size and area. Other states with few Walmart locations include Montana (50 stores), Maine (50 stores), Vermont (51 stores), Wyoming (55 stores), Rhode Island (56 stores), South Dakota (58 stores), and West Virginia (59 stores).

What are the small walmarts called?

Smaller Walmart stores are often referred to as “neighborhood markets,” or simply, “Walmart Neighborhood Market.” These stores typically offer a smaller selection of products than traditional Walmart Supercenters, focusing on groceries, pharmacy items, and select general merchandise. They also have added convenience services such as fuel stations and bank branches. Additionally, Walmart Neighborhood Markets feature a deli section, bakery, and fresh produce. These stores also offer discounts on select items as well as special services such as money transfers, check cashing, and bill payments.

Where is Largest Walmart?

The world’s largest Walmart Supercenter is located in Crossgates Commons in Albany, New York. It covers almost 260,000 square feet and includes a full grocery store, pharmacy, bank branch, vision center, tire and lube express, hair salon and more. The store also has an online pickup service for items ordered on Walmart.

What is the largest city without a Walmart?

The largest city without a Walmart is New York City, USA. Although there are various Walmart locations in the greater New York metropolitan area, none of them are located within the five boroughs that make up New York City proper. This may be due to the high cost and density of real estate in NYC making it difficult for Walmart to find suitable locations for their stores. Alternatively, it could be due to the fact that Walmart has encountered difficulties in gaining entry into certain city markets due to local regulations. Whatever the case may be, Walmart is not currently present in New York City and as such, it remains the largest city without a Walmart.

What is the largest Walmart in square footage?

The world’s largest Walmart is located in Crossgates Commons, Albany, New York. The store measures an impressive 239,000 square feet and was opened in October 2020. It features a wide variety of products and services including groceries, apparel, electronics, toys and more. Additionally, the store offers a full-service pharmacy as well as a tire and lube express. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that this location is the largest Walmart in square footage. It is truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs!

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