Which US state has the largest Russian population?

According to recent data, California has the largest Russian population of any US state, with over 200,000 people claiming Russian ancestry. The other states with high concentrations of Russian-Americans are New York, Florida and New Jersey. These states collectively account for over half of the total Russian population in the United States.

What US city has the largest Russian population?

New York City has the largest Russian population of any US city, with over 600,000 people of Russian descent living in the metropolitan area. It is followed by Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, which together account for almost 700,000 Russians.

Where is Russian spoken in the US?

Russian is spoken widely in the United States by Russian-Americans, especially in areas with large Russian-American populations. Some of the cities where Russian can be heard more often include New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Philadelphia.

Are there other countries with big Russian communities?

Yes, there are a number of countries with large Russian communities. Israel and Germany both have significant Russian-speaking populations, while other countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus also have sizable Russian populations.

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