What Are The Largest Man Made Lakes In The Us?

The largest man-made lakes in the United States are, in order of size:

1. Lake Mead - Located on the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States with a capacity of 28.5 million acre-feet (35 km3). Formed by Hoover Dam, it extends 112 miles (180 km) behind the dam, has 550 miles (890 km) of shoreline, and covers an area of 247 square miles (640 km2).

2. Lake Powell - Straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River with a capacity of 27 million acre-feet (33 km3). It is 186 miles (299 km) long with 1,960 miles (3154 km) of shoreline and covers an area of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

3. Williston Reservoir - The third largest man-made lake in terms of capacity in the United States is Williston Reservoir located in North Dakota with a capacity 22.5 million acre feet (28km3). It was created by Garrison Dam on the Missouri River and has 1,302 miles (2098km)of shoreline covering an area 208 square miles(536km2).

4 Fort Peck Reservoir - Also located in Montana, Fort Peck Reservoir comes in at fourth place for being one of America's biggest man-made lakes boasting a 20.5 million acre feet(25km3)capacity created by Fort Peck Dam on Missouri River . This lake has over 250 species including fish , birds , amphibians making it great for fishing , bird watching or just enjoying nature .

These four massive reservoirs offer recreation opportunities such as boating , fishing , camping and more while also providing critical water resources for many Western states .

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