Whats The Oldest Grocery Store In America?

The oldest grocery store in America is believed to be P.J. Kennedy & Sons, which was founded in 1887 in New York City. The store was originally a small neighborhood shop that sold dry goods, but it eventually expanded to include a wide variety of food items. Today, the store is still family-owned and operated, and it continues to serve the community with fresh groceries and friendly service.

P.J. Kennedy & Sons is not only the oldest grocery store in America, but it is also one of the last remaining independent grocers in New York City. In an era when large chain stores have come to dominate the retail landscape, P.J.’s has remained steadfastly committed to its roots as a local neighborhood grocer. This commitment has allowed the store to weather many challenges over the years, including competition from big box stores and online retailers.

Proudly serving generations of customers, P.J.’s has become a fixture of life in New York City for many people who live nearby or who work in the area’s businesses and offices buildings . The store’s convenient location near Rockefeller Center makes it a popular lunchtime destination for office workers looking for fresh sandwiches or salads made with ingredients sourced from local farms . On any given day , you’ll find a diverse group of people shopping at P J’s – young professionals , families with small children , tourists from all over the world – which speaks to its appeal as a true NYC institution .

Whether you’re looking for fresh produce , pantry staples , or prepared foods to go , P J Kennedy & Sons is always worth a visit . So next time you’re in Midtown Manhattan , be sure to swing by this historic grocery store – you just might find yourself becoming part of its storied history !

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