When was the largest American flag unveiled?

The largest American flag ever unveiled was in 2015 during the National Memorial Day Parade that was held in Washington, D.C. The flag measured in at an impressive 20,000 square feet and weighed 1,100 pounds. It was designed by Annin Flagmakers and took over 500 hours of labor to construct. It is believed to be the largest free-flying American flag ever made. The flag was flown for the first time during the National Memorial Day Parade and then moved to its permanent home at the Pentagon.

The unveiling of this massive flag was a powerful symbol of national pride and patriotism as it proudly flew high above the parade. It stands as a reminder of those who have lost their lives serving our country and the freedoms we cherish. It was a special moment for all those who were in attendance and serves as an inspiration to remember and honor our fallen heroes.

This massive flag continues to be flown proudly at the Pentagon, symbolizing America’s strength and resilience. Now that is what patriotism looks like!

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