What Is The Tallest Water Slide In North America?

The title of this article is ‘What Is The Tallest Water Slide In North America?’ To anyone looking for an adrenaline rush, a water slide is the perfect way to get their heart racing. But for those thrill-seekers who are looking for an even more extreme experience, the tallest water slide in North America may be the answer.

Standing at a breathtaking height of 168 feet, the aptly named “Verruckt” is the tallest water slide in North America. Located in Kansas City, Missouri at the Schlitterbahn Water Park, the Verruckt is a force to be reckoned with. Named after the German word for “insane,” the Verruckt features a multi-drop system in which riders crest a hill at speeds of up to 70 mph before plunging down the near-vertical slide.

The Verruckt is the world’s tallest water slide and the first in the world to exceed the 100-foot mark. To ensure safety, riders must be at least 14 years old, a minimum of 54 inches tall, and must wear a life vest. The ride also includes a two-person raft, which is required to be ridden by two people.

In order to ensure that the Verruckt is safe for all riders, the park has implemented a variety of safety protocols. The ride is inspected and tested daily for structural integrity before it is open to the public, and the weight of the raft and its riders is checked before the ride begins. Additionally, the ride is equipped with safety nets, and riders must be monitored at all times from the ride control center.

The Verruckt is an incredible experience, offering thrills unlike any other. With its towering height, thrilling drops, and strict safety protocols, it’s no wonder the Verruckt is the tallest water slide in North America.

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