Who Has the Largest School District in the United States?

Rank / School district

  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles Unified
  3. City of Chicago (SD 299)
  4. Miami-Dade County

What are the 10 largest school districts in the United States?

  • Los Angeles Unified School District. School District
  • Chicago Public Schools. School District
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools. School District
  • Clark County School District
  • Puerto Rico Department of Education
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • Houston Independent School District

Who has the largest school district in the US?

The New York City Public Schools are the largest educational institution, with 1,075,710 pupils enrolled in 1,207 schools.

What is the poorest school district in America?

The Oglala Lakota County School District is one of the poorest districts in the United States, and serious financial strain may compromise a student’s ability to excel academically.

What is the most dangerous school in America?

The Most Dangerous Universities in the United States: Ivory Tower Incidents

  • UCLA has the highest number of burglaries among all universities of 10,000 students or more, at 84 total reported incidents in 2016.
  • At #1 on the list of the most dangerous universities is the University of California, Santa Barbara.

What is the richest school district in America?

California — Piedmont Unified School District

In a clash of wealth between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, it appears that the tech entrepreneurs have won over the movie stars. Piedmont is located just outside of Oakland, California, and its schools are home to the state’s wealthiest students.

What is the largest school system in the world?

The world’s Largest Education System. China, with the biggest population in the world, boasts the world’s biggest educational system. More than 200 million people are currently enrolled in full-time education at various schools and grade levels throughout China.

What is the largest school system in Georgia?

The most populous school district is Gwinnett County School District, which serves 179,266 pupils.

What state has the worst education in the United States?

The state with the highest proportion of residents having a bachelor’s degree or higher in a higher education institution was Massachusetts, at 44.98 percent, while West Virginia had the lowest percentage at 21.05 percent. The District of Columbia’s percentage exceeded that of any U.S. state by more than 20 percentage points, at 59.67 percent.

Which states pay the most for teachers?

In early August, Governor Cuomo stated that schools may reopen in New York, the state where the highest average annual pay was made by teachers out of all 50 states and DC in 2018-2019.

What is the number 1 state for education?

New Jersey is the best state for education, followed by Massachusetts, Florida, Washington, and Colorado to complete the top five. Six of the top 10 states in terms of education also make up the top ten Best States overall.

What state has only 1 School District?

While many states have a network of school districts for their kids, Hawaii is the only one to have a single district, the Hawaii Department of Education, with its 181,122 students and 348 schools. The finest school districts in each US state are listed below.

Which state has the most public school students?

The state in which a student was educated is also known as where he or she matriculates. In 2018, over 1.95 million students were enrolled in public high schools throughout California, the most of any other state in the United States. This compares to the District of Columbia, which had 18,912 students enrolled in public high schools.

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