What Is the Biggest Fandom in the World?

The Harry Potter fandom is the world’s largest!

With over 800 million people, the Harry Potter fandom is the world’s largest. According to an annual study by Twentieth Century Fox and BBC Worldwide, also known as BBCW, “Harry Potter” has more than 800 million fans in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. Some of these fans are not just children, but adults who enjoy reading about wizards and magical spells such as Leviosa or Avada Kedavra. In addition to this staggering number of followers across all age groups, there are many other signs that show how much impact “Harry Potter” has had on our society, including a new typeface for Comic Sans called ‘Hogwarts’.

That’s right, a new typeface called ‘Hogwarts’ has been created for Comic Sans. In fact, it is the only one ever made specifically for use as a font and was designed by Craig Rozynski from Australia who wanted to create something that looked like hand-drawn letters which he found in his copy of “Harry Potter”. In order to achieve this look, Rozynski used different pens and markers to make the letters uneven. This has been a great idea as Comic Sans is known for its informal yet fun appearance, which makes it perfect for children’s books – such as “Harry Potter”.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also find references from Harry Potter in many other places. For example, there is a cell phone with Harry Potter’s glasses on the back which also has “Lumos”, “Nox” and ‘Silencio’ written at its sides in order to make it look like his wand is performing magic spells when you touch them. There is also a nightclub in New York that has been named after the fictional wizarding school called ‘The Room of Requirement’ and there are many other places as well.

In addition, you can find many references to Harry Potter’s friends such as Hermione or Ron within songs from The Flaming Lips,  Radiohead, or even  LCD Sound system.

There have been many other different ways that “Harry Potter” has left its mark on our society. Of course, there are also many references in the world of sports, such as a football player from Australia who shares his name with Harry’s friend Ron Weasley and even more athletes around the globe whose names were taken from this successful book series. Besides this, a whole new sport has been created from the “Harry Potter” universe, with Quidditch being one of its most popular games that are played at many tournaments worldwide.

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