What is the largest palace in the world?

The largest royal residence of any country is Buckingham Palace. Located in London, this impressive building covers 200 acres and includes 775 rooms. It has been home to British monarchs since 1837 and features a private chapel, banquet hall, ballroom, and theater.

This historic landmark also houses a number of priceless artworks including paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens as well as an extensive collection of porcelain from all over Europe. Queen Elizabeth II spends most weekends at her official residences here with Prince Philip, but occasionally she does venture out to other areas such as Balmoral Castle or Windsor Great Park for various activities such as horse-riding lessons with her grandchildren.

Ranking second is the Imperial Palace, located in Japan. This building was constructed at the end of the 19th century and served as a residence for members of the Japanese imperial family. The size, 420 acres, makes it very difficult to accommodate large-scale events, so official functions are often held at the nearby Akasaka State Guest House. The Imperial Palace has been home to Japanese emperors since the 16th century and is one of the few buildings that survived World War II relatively unscathed.

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