What Is The Shortest Boxing Match Ever?

The shortest boxing match ever recorded took place on December 18, 1897 between two Englishmen, Jem Mace and Tom Sayers. The bout was scheduled for six rounds, but ended in the second when Mace knocked out Sayers with a powerful right hand. The entire fight lasted just 42 seconds.

While there have been shorter fights since then (including several that lasted less than 10 seconds), none can match the historical significance of the Mace-Sayers bout. Not only was it the shortest fight ever, but it also marked the end of bare-knuckle boxing as a legitimate sport. After more than 100 years of unregulated violence, the sport finally succumbed to public pressure and adopted standardized rules and regulations.

Today's professional boxers are far better trained and conditioned than their bare-knuckle predecessors, and fights are typically much longer as a result. The shortest professional boxing match on record occurred in 2001 between Ismael Gonzales and Felix Savon, lasting just 38 seconds before Gonzales knocked out his opponent with a single punch.

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