What Is The Shortest Boxing Match Ever?

The shortest boxing match in history happened on June 22, 1895 at the National Sporting Club in London. The fight was between the British boxer Bob Fitzsimmons and the American fighter Tom Sharkey. The bout was scheduled for 25 rounds, but it only lasted two minutes and nine seconds.

The fight began with Fitzsimmons delivering a hard right punch to Sharkey. Sharkey retaliated with a left hook to Fitzsimmons’ jaw, causing him to stumble. Fitzsimmons quickly regained his footing and delivered a flurry of punches, knocking Sharkey down. Referee Richard K. Fox counted to eight, and Fitzsimmons was declared the winner.

The short duration of the fight was due to Fitzsimmons’ superior technique and strength. He had a reputation as a powerful puncher, and he was able to land most of his punches on Sharkey. As a result, Sharkey was unable to mount any significant offense, and was ultimately overwhelmed by Fitzsimmons’ onslaught.

The bout was highly controversial and is still remembered today as one of the most bizarre boxing matches ever. The referee’s decision to stop the fight was seen by many as an injustice to Sharkey, who was not given a chance to show his skills. Despite the controversy, Fitzsimmons was declared the winner and his short fight with Sharkey remains the shortest boxing match in history.

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