What Is the Biggest Shark in the World and How Many Feet Is It?

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish alive today, and it feeds on plankton. Unlike most sharks that live in a seize-and-eat environment, this gentle giant travels large distances just to find enough food for its huge size; these creatures can grow up to 20 feet long!

There are populations of white-spotted coloration all over the world’s oceans where you may see some while snorkeling or scuba diving off your coastline because they aggregate there at certain times each year when nutrients become concentrated near shore due to their feeding habits which make them easy pickings if you’re underwater looking upwards towards surface area instead of trying not to bump into any wildlife like us human divers do.

Whale sharks are filter feeders who swim open-mouthed in order to collect plankton, krill and small fish. What makes the whale shark so amazing is that it can weigh up to 47 thousand pounds (21 tons), which means you don’t want to get hit by one when in the water or even bump into them!

The maximum size of whale sharks is not yet known but could be as large at 20 meters. Females give birth to live young and this has never been observed before in the wild. It’s unknown where pupping occurs or what age animals situate themselves when they pup since adult ones are often found feeding near interactivity with other marine life at a surface level while diving down 1000 meters below ground – which suggests that some segments need protection from fishing gear like nets too.

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