What Is The Worlds Longest Sniper Shot?

In the history of long-distance shooting, one record stands out above the rest: the longest sniper shot ever recorded. It was an astonishing shot of 2,815 meters, and it was made by a Canadian sniper in Iraq in 2017.

The Canadian sniper, whose identity is not known, was part of the Joint Task Force 2, the elite special forces unit of the Canadian Armed Forces. He was stationed in Iraq and was on a mission to eliminate an Islamic State combatant.

Using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle, the Canadian sniper fired a .50 caliber round from his position at a distance of 2,815 meters. His target, an ISIS insurgent, was confirmed killed with a single shot.

The shot was verified by video footage from a drone, which showed the bullet’s trajectory and trajectory time. This confirmed that the shot was taken from a distance of 2,815 meters, making it the longest sniper shot in history.

The TAC-50 rifle used by the Canadian sniper is one of the most accurate and powerful long-range rifles in the world. Its effective range is up to 1,500 meters, but with the right skill and conditions, it is possible to extend this range to 2,815 meters.

The Canadian sniper who fired the shot has since been awarded with a special commendation by the Canadian Armed Forces. His shot has also been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the longest sniper shot ever.

The longest sniper shot ever recorded is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the skill and precision of the Canadian Armed Forces. It is a shot that will go down in history, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

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