What is the Largest Farm in the World?

Mudanjiang City Mega Farm is a farm in China that has a total of 10,811 hectares of land for producing crops. It is the largest cultivated land area in the world and produces mainly cotton, sunflower, corn, rice and rapeseed.

The farm is irrigated by a center pivot irrigation system and uses drip tubing.

The farm was founded in 1992 and produces around 4 billion yuan of cotton every year, which is half of the total amount of cotton produced in China. The farms produce some vegetables and fruit as well but they are not used for commercial purposes. Most of the food grown on the site is consumed by workers and their families instead. If you go to Mudanjiang City Mega Farm today, there would be an amusement park that contains dozens of rides such as roller coasters, water slides and bumper cars that had been built recently.

Mudanjiang City Mega Farm is owned by Mudanjiang Hailang Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of the China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation (CNAG). The company also has other mega farms in other parts of Heilongjiang Province.

Currently, the farm is exploring a plan to build a skyscraper hotel on the site. If implemented, it will be the first hotel located in an agricultural area in China. The owners of this mega farm have also been trying to promote the site as a tourist destination by building an exhibition hall and developing entertainment facilities such as horse racing tracks and a golf course. Construction for a new road connecting Mudanjiang to Heihe is also underway that will pass by this farm.

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