What Is The Fastest Knockout In Boxing History?

The fastest knockout in boxing history is widely considered to be that of Michael Moorer’s TKO victory over Bert Cooper in less than one minute in the fourth round of their 1993 bout. Moorer was a former world champion and an experienced fighter, while Cooper was a relatively unknown challenger. Moorer quickly dispatched Cooper with a powerful left hook that sent Cooper to the canvas. The referee had to step in and stop the fight, as Cooper was unable to continue.

This knockout was so quick that it left many people in the crowd stunned. Moorer had not even begun to throw the combination when Cooper was already on the canvas. The fight was over before it even began, with Moorer taking the win in less than sixty seconds.

This knockout was so fast that it broke the world record for the fastest knockout in boxing. It was such a quick victory that it surprised even Moorer himself. Moorer was so sure of his victory that he had already begun to celebrate in the ring before the referee stopped the fight.

This knockout was so impressive that it has gone down in boxing history as one of the most impressive knockouts. It was also an impressive feat for Moorer, who was already a world champion and an experienced fighter. The victory was a testament to Moorer’s skill and power and was a reminder to the world of the importance of being prepared for any fight.

This knockout was also a reminder of the importance of being prepared for any fight. It showed that even the most experienced fighters can be caught off guard and can be knocked out in a matter of seconds. This knockout also showed that a boxer should never underestimate his opponents, as they could be more dangerous than they appear.

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