What Is The Largest Point Spread In College Football History?

The largest point spread in college football history was between the University of Michigan and the University of New Mexico in 1945. Michigan was favored by an astonishing 58 points over New Mexico. This point spread was the result of Michigan’s incredible success during their 1945 season.

Michigan had a perfect 8-0 record during the season, while New Mexico had a dismal 1-7 record. Michigan was coming off of a Big Ten Championship, and had a roster full of future NFL players, such as Bob Chappuis, Bump Elliott, and Bob Mann.

The Wolverines steamrolled the Lobos in the matchup, shutting them out 59-0. This wide margin of victory was the result of a complete mismatch in talent between the two teams. Michigan outgained New Mexico in total yards by a ratio of 544 to 15. The Wolverines also had 24 first downs to the Lobos’ 0.

This point spread was the largest in college football history, and it is unlikely that it will ever be broken. The next largest point spread was between the University of Florida and Savannah State in 2003, with Florida favored by 55 points.

The Michigan vs. New Mexico game serves as a reminder of just how much college football has changed since 1945. Today, teams are much more balanced, and it is rare to see such a discrepancy in talent. That being said, Michigan’s 58 point margin of victory remains the largest in college football history.

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