What Is The Heaviest Turkey Weight Ever Recorded?

The heaviest turkey ever recorded weighed an astonishing 86 pounds, 14 ounces. This impressive weight was achieved by an unnamed turkey that was raised in Massachusetts in 1989.

This weight is particularly remarkable considering the average weight of a wild turkey is usually around 6 to 12 pounds. Domestic turkeys are often larger than their wild counterparts, but the 86-pound turkey was still an extraordinary achievement.

The turkey was raised for a specific purpose. It was entered into a charity event known as the National Turkey Federation’s World Turkey Carving Championship. The turkey was intended to be carved into individual servings for a special banquet, and it was prepared in a way that maximized its size and weight.

To achieve its impressive size, the turkey was fed a special diet that included a daily ration of corn, oats, and soybeans. It was also given vitamins, minerals, and a special growth-promoting supplement. The turkey was also given plenty of water, and it was allowed to roam freely in a large yard.

As a result of this special care and attention, the turkey was able to reach an impressive weight. It was by far the largest turkey ever seen and remains a truly remarkable feat of poultry husbandry.

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