What Is The Largest Granite Rock In The World?

The largest known granite rock in the world is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. It is an impressive 583ft tall and 937ft long. The granite monolith stands as a testament to its grandeur and size, looking out upon a landscape it has dominated for over 200 million years. It features multiple trails, walkways, and monuments for visitors to explore its rich history. Tourists can also access a cable car to reach the summit of the mountain’s peak. From there, hikers can view stunning views from either side of Stone Mountain Park!

Stone Mountain is located close to the city of Atlanta, in DeKalb County, Georgia. It is part of Stone Mountain Park, a popular tourist destination and the largest unit of the Georgia State Park System. The granite structure stands at an elevation of 825 feet and is almost round in shape with an estimated circumference of 3 miles. It is made up of quartz monzonite, a medium-coarse grained igneous rock that consists mostly of quartz and feldspar crystals. The granite mass has also been called “the largest exposed piece of granite in the world”. The Rock features numerous trails for hikers and climbers to explore its many facets. Visitors can also access cable car rides that take them 236 feet up the side to reach the summit of Stone Mountain. From there, one can enjoy panoramic views from either side!

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