What Is The Largest Hawk In Michigan?

The largest hawk species in Michigan is the Red-tailed Hawk. This beautiful bird can be found in different habitats across the state and is known for its striking red tail feathers. The wingspan of this majestic raptor can reach up to 4 feet, which makes it one of the biggest hawks in North America. The Red-tailed Hawk’s diet consists mostly of small mammals such as rabbits, mice, and squirrels. They also enjoy a variety of fruits such as cherries and apples.

In Michigan, these birds are commonly seen hovering or soaring over fields or along roadsides near dawn and dusk. Its plumage helps it blend into the landscape, making it difficult to spot when perched in trees or on telephone poles. Another giveaway sign is its loud call which often sounds like “kree-eh” or “kee-yah”!

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