What Is the Biggest Country in the Whole World

The biggest country in the whole world is Russia, both east and West. The east Russian landmass covers a whopping one-eightieth of the Earth’s total land area, while its western counterpart covers an even more staggering one-sixth.

In fact, just bringing these huge masses of territory under a single political system is no small feat on its own. In some ways, modern Russia has always been two entirely separate countries with distinctly different histories and cultural identities–and what’s more, the course of their history has been so utterly intertwined that they have actually changed each other profoundly. Between them there were long periods when they dominated not only all of Europe but also much of Asia as well! Their present situation was primarily shaped by how they managed to grow together after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and it is still very much evolving. However, this has not prevented them from also having a dramatic influence on world history–and their cultural impact continues even today.

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