What is the largest Cemetery in the World?

The largest cemetery in the world is located outside of Cairo, Egypt, and is known as Al-Qarafa. Hundreds of thousands of people are buried here, and these tombs span many centuries. What makes this place so unusual is that it has been a burial ground for both Christians and Muslims alike for over one thousand years. Despite constant attempts at vandalism or damage to this area, there have been no reports of any major problems with the property – making it an ideal location for grave sites.

Al-Qarafa was first established as a Christian cemetery by Coptic monks after they had moved into the region from Syria during late antiquity. It then became home to numerous Muslims during the Fatimid dynasty in 1051, and up until today it still functions as a Muslim cemetery.

Al-Qarafa also consists of a large variety of tomb types, from small structures to crypts and domed mausoleums. With little recorded history, archeologists have discovered that there are more than 1,000 tombs in Al-Qarafa. These structures are not only present within the walls of the cemetery grounds, but they also extend outside them as well – which is why this cemetery has been dubbed “The City of the Dead” by many visitors. The City of the Dead has grown so large over time that it has become a small village that still lives and functions as normal.

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