What is the largest beetle?

In a study published in the journal Zoo Keys, researcher Alec Monroy-Vilchis from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México has described and named the largest beetle on Earth. The name of this insect is Titanus giganteus. It is also known as the Giant Goliath Beetle or the Titan Beetle.

Shaped like an oval with large jaws, it can reach up to five inches in length and weigh over 100 grams! This new species was found near Mexico City at elevations between 1,000 to 2,500 meters above sea level. The environment where this giant beetles live is characterized by high humidity due to heavy rains during summer.

Some beetles are important as a food source for other animals. In this beetle’s case, it helps to disperse seeds from the parent plants that have been eaten by the beetle. The Titan Beetle is not an exception to this group as an insect that provides a benefit to humans and other animals alike.

Some beetles are gravely affected by humans. For example, some fisheries remove these beetles in order to avoid competition with important commercial fishes. In this beetle’s case, the removal of vegetation from the surroundings could affect its population. Human activity can also decrease genetic diversity and therefore reduce populations due to a reduced amount of genetic variation.

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