What Is The Largest Flounder Ever Caught?

The largest flounder ever caught was a whopping 19-pound, 15-ounce monster caught in the East River off the coast of New York in 1973. Flounder, also known as flatfish, are a family of saltwater fish that swim near the bottom of the ocean. They have a distinctive flat shape and two eyes on one side of their head, adapted for hunting their prey.

Flounder are popular among anglers and are found in many coastal areas around the world. While they can be caught in shallow waters, they are more commonly found in deeper water. The type of flounder caught in the East River was a summer flounder, which can grow up to 24 inches in length and typically weigh up to four pounds.

The summer flounder caught in the East River was an impressive catch, and the record still stands. In fact, the largest flounder ever caught since then weighed just over 18 pounds, making the 1973 catch the largest ever.

Flounder are known for their delicious, mild-tasting flesh, and the East River catch was no exception. Although the fish was not kept for consumption, it was estimated that the meat from the catch could have fed an entire family.

Flounder fishing is a popular sport, and the record catch from the East River continues to be a source of inspiration for anglers. The record catch may never be broken, but that doesn’t stop anglers from trying to catch the next big flounder.

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