What Is The Oldest Whitetail Buck Ever Killed?

The oldest whitetail buck ever killed was a massive 12-point buck that was taken down in 2014 by a hunter in Wisconsin. The massive buck, which weighed in at an impressive 240 pounds, was estimated to be at least 8 years old. The antlers on the buck were simply massive, with a main beam that stretched over four feet long.

While the age of this particular whitetail buck is certainly impressive, it's worth noting that there have been several other bucks killed in recent years that were even older. In fact, just last year a 9-year-old whitetail buck was taken down in Minnesota. That particular deer weighed an astounding 270 pounds and sported antlers that measured an incredible five feet long!

So while the oldest whitetail ever killed may have been 8 years old, there are definitely some older bucks out there roaming around waiting to be taken down by lucky hunters.

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