What Is the Biggest City in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is an American state that occupies the northeastern corner of the country. It’s often considered one of the most beautiful areas in America, with plenty of hiking trails and quaint towns to explore. With a population of just over 1 million people, it’s also home to some amazing cities.

The biggest city in New Hampshire is Manchester. It has a population of 110,000 people and covers 11.4 square miles. The metropolitan area includes other towns such as Nashua, Derry, Dover, and Rochester which all combine to make up about one-third of the state’s total population. There are many reasons that Manchester is the largest city; it was founded along the Merrimack River by colonists from Massachusetts who wanted their own town to farmland near an abundant water supply (Manchester). It also contains America’s first successful textile mill (in 1820) which led to its growth as an industrial center for manufacturing cotton textiles – making it a major economic hub (Wikipedia).

Manchester is close to the state’s capital, Concord; only 30 miles apart. The two cities also have a history of strong rivalries, with the Amory Wars being a famous example. They even compete in an annual tradition called “the Big Gubernatorial Fish Count” where politicians from both cities go fishing to see who can catch the most fish. This has been going on since 1959 (Reuters).

Manchester is also home to many great amenities, such as an art museum and galleries, an opera company, live music performance venues, restaurants, cafés… all of which contribute to its vibrant cultural scene (Manchester NH Real Estate Info Guide).

Today, it’s the most populous city in southern New Hampshire. It’s also one of the largest manufacturing centers in all of New England. That being said, Manchester is now shifting from a manufacturing economy to a more service-based one as those jobs have been cut back. In fact, companies such as IBM and EMC have started to create major offices there (The Boston Globe).

This change has raised the median income of families because more people are finding jobs in retail, hospitality, and healthcare. This is making New Hampshire’s largest city one of the fastest-growing cities in America – its population has grown by almost 40% since 1990! It’s also the only city in New Hampshire to be considered urban rather than rural (U.S. Census).

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