What Is The Heaviest Poop Ever?

The world record for the heaviest poop ever recorded goes to a guy from London, England. Dubbed the ‘Crap King’ by the media, this man created a piece of fecal matter that weighed an astonishing 10.1 kilograms (22.25 pounds).

This impressive feat was achieved by the unnamed man in late 2018 and has been documented by Guinness World Records. The Crap King reportedly spent a week on a strict diet of just beans and potatoes before finally producing the record-breaking load.

The sheer size of the poop has raised a lot of questions from both medical professionals and the general public alike. How was the man able to produce such a large amount of waste in such a short time? Are there any health risks associated with producing such a large amount of waste?

Experts have offered a few different theories as to how the Crap King was able to pull off such an impressive feat. Some suggest that the man was able to achieve this through sheer determination and willpower, while others point to the high-fiber content of the diet. It’s also possible that the man simply had a very large colon or digestive system, allowing him to store more waste than the average person.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the man achieved something truly remarkable. While it may not be the most pleasant record to hold, the Crap King certainly deserves a lot of credit for his achievement.

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