What Is The Biggest Cookie In The World?

The biggest cookie in the world is a challenge that has been attempted by many confectioners. From the world-famous Mallomars of New York City to the colossal cookie created by the Cookie Department in South Korea, these bakers have achieved remarkable feats in their pursuit of the biggest cookie.

The Mallomar, created by the National Biscuit Company, is a round cookie composed of a marshmallow center covered in chocolate and surrounded by a graham cracker crust. It stands two and a half inches tall and is three inches in diameter. It weighs about one ounce and is the biggest mass-produced cookie in the United States.

The Cookie Department in South Korea has created an even larger cookie. Large enough to feed an entire family, this cookie is a whopping eight inches in diameter and weighs four and a half pounds. It is composed of a thick chocolate chip cookie base with a layer of marshmallow sandwiched in the middle and topped with a generous helping of chocolate chips.

The biggest cookie in the world, however, was created by the Bakedeco Company in California. This cookie is a whopping twenty inches in diameter and weighs an unbelievable twenty-five pounds. It is composed of an enormous chocolate chip cookie base, with an additional layer of chocolate chips, marshmallow and caramel in the middle. The cookie is then topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache and decorated with M&M’s, sprinkles, and other confectionaries.

The Bakedeco Company’s cookie is truly a sight to behold and is undoubtedly the biggest cookie in the world. It is a delicious and unique treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family. For those looking to experience the biggest cookie in the world, the Bakedeco Company is the place to go.

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