What Is the Largest Citrus Fruit?

The largest citrus fruit is the Kumamoto Banpeiyus. The invention of this huge new type of orange happened by chance. A farmer in Japan wanted to create a new type of orange after an epidemic wiped out most of his trees and he found himself disconsolate with loneliness one day while walking through his orchard. He had been known for producing extra-large oranges – but these paled in comparison to his goal of produce the world’s largest citrus fruit!
He next recalled how he would occasionally get lonely walking among all those trees, so on October 18th, 1983, he and two workers began manually grafting and tying thousand more buds (enough for 6000 seeds) onto different stocks that then grew into Kumamoto Banpeiyus.

What is the most popular country for Kumamato Banpeiyus?

Kumamato Banpeiyus are a variety of citrus maximus. They have a more sour tang than other forms of oranges and resemble a rose in color patterning. This type of fruit is most popular in the south eastern region of Japan, near Tokushima prefecture which is where they originated from.

Kumamoto Banpeiyu can be recognized by their large size, tending to reach up to the very top range for tangerines; they rarely exceed three inches (8 cm) long or two inches (5 cm) wide. Fruit size varies with the season, usually coinciding with higher temperatures but there does not seem to be any specific period that larger specimens can be found throughout.

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