What is the largest lizard i can legally own?

Even if you’ve found a breeder, you might wait a very long time to actually receive your monitor lizard. If you choose this path, you should start with the Argentine tegu or Asian water monitor. Although you may not consider lizards to be easy to care for, pet lizards take a lot of time and money to care for. Unfortunately, these lizards are fairly cheap to buy, and most of them are imported rather than bred in captivity.

This makes them more trainable than you might expect.

What is the largest lizard I can legally own?

Although these lizards have a relatively good temper compared to the others on this list if they’re used to interacting with humans, this is still a powerful lizard that can cause serious damage if you’re not careful. Savannah monitors are great as pets for those who have experience with smaller lizards and have room for a large enclosure. The Komodo dragons are native to several Indonesian islands and are the largest lizards that still exist. As the name suggests, the Chinese water horse is slightly similar to mythical creatures due to its pointed spines.


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