What is the world’s largest German shepherd?

The world’s largest German Shepherd, weighing in at 150 pounds, was recently found roaming around a village near Moscow. This dog stands 6ft tall on its hind legs and has been nicknamed Wagner after the composer of the opera “The Ring”. 

Mikhail Pimenov, who owns this majestic beast, said that he had to work hard to get his pet because it was born with a genetic disorder that left it only able to grow about 5 inches high. He said that he wanted something big so he could be different from other people. His wife also stated how much she loves her husband for being willing to put up with all their problems while raising such an animal. As you can imagine, the majority of Russia’s people are outraged about this “monster” living in their village and have urged Pimenov to send it away.

They claim it’s as big as a donkey and that they’re afraid that it might attack children. When confronted about their concerns, Pimenov replied that the only risk would be for those who try to do him some sort of harm because he won’t tolerate anyone trying to mess with his dog. While the world’s largest German Shepherd has been raised in a healthy environment, some people wonder if it’s really in the dog’s best interest to be so large.

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