What Is the Largest Law Firm in the Nation?

As the legal industry continues to gain prominence and expand, it is essential for lawyers and law firms alike to be informed about who is leading the charge. In that spirit, today we explore the largest law firm in the nation: The Latham & Watkins LLP.

The Los Angeles based mega-firm has been a leader in many regards since its inception in
1934. With a staff of over 2,500 attorneys across 31 offices worldwide, Latham & Watkins stands as one of the most influential legal players in the world. Their impressive client roster includes Fortune 500 companies like Nestle and Microsoft as well as other prominent institutions such as the United Nations and World Bank. Thanks to their global presence on matters ranging from corporate law and government affairs to litigation and taxation, Latham & Watkins has become a trusted advisor to some of history’s biggest organizations.

Beyond their size however, what sets Latham & Watkins apart is their dedication to addressing diversity both inside and outside of their law firm. In 2012 they founded “Fostering Diversity Initiative” which aimed to increase diversity within their ranks with an emphasis on women, minorities, and LGBTQ individuals. This initiative has had tremendous success in making sure there are more diverse voices heard around cases which ultimately strive for equality among all.

Finally, this national powerhouse has also seen major success with philanthropy efforts including disaster relief funds for Haiti and tsunami victims; microlending initiatives for citizens of poverty stricken countries; educational programs for underserved youth, and more numerous pro bono work than can be counted. All these endeavors reflect arguably the best trait a business could possess: heart.

In conclusion it is clear that Latham & Watkins LLP stands today as not only one of America’s top legal firms but also as a shining example of philanthropy that any business or firm should strive for. With an impressive client roster combined with a commitment to fostering diverse perspectives in legal proceedings all around the world, this mega-firm exemplifies how large corporations can do just deeds while still turning lucrative profits year after year

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