What is the largest law firm in the nation?

Kirkland %26 Ellis · CMS (law firm) · Baker McKenzie · United Kingdom. Browse our directory of over 15,000 companies in the U.S.. Select companies that interest you and see a side-by-side comparison. Read more about which law firms are eligible and how you can participate.

Jones Day law firm has taken a strong community-friendly stance by offering pro bono services, actively participating in the community, and trying to hire a large number of minority lawyers. Hogan Lovells was founded by the merger of Hogan %26 Hartson based in Washington, D, C. Hogan Lovells explains that it is heavily committed to social justice and pro bono activities, and wants to combine skills from different backgrounds to create a collaborative approach to problem solving.. After the merger, the new law firm Hogan Lovells decided to keep both locations in a joint headquarters.

Sidley Austin was previously known as Sidley Austin Brown %26 Wood LLP and was founded by the merger of Sidley, Austin and Brown, 26 Wood. This law firm has now reached a remarkable level of expansion, thanks to many of its ambitious corporate culture, which focuses on hard work and prestige. Sidley Austin is a general law firm with many areas of practice, but it focuses on litigation and transaction issues. Dentons offers legal services in a variety of areas, from personal injury and medical malpractice to product liability and vehicle collisions..

This law firm was founded by John Slate, Les Arps, and Marshall Skadden and is currently headquartered in New York City. Skadden has been described as “the New York Yankees of law firms” as he strives hard to push the boundaries and exceed existing industry records.. The company has more than 50 areas of activity and 22 offices. DLA Piper is known for being extremely widespread and has tons of offices in over 40 countries around the world.

This law firm also focuses heavily on pro bono work and community support after maintaining a six-year partnership with UNICEF and pledging millions of dollars to protect children’s rights. DLA Piper consists of partnerships between the US and UK departments.. Cleary is best known for his work across borders, including representing national governments, and is one of the most reputable companies. Aside from billing, Pro Bono is a source of pride for the company, with a commitment of more than 3% of the total time spent on Pro Bono.

To expand the list, the company recently expanded its focus to consumer financial services, cybersecurity and privacy, energy, petrochemical and natural resources, and intellectual property.. Second, the rankings also show how many people’s careers and lives are tied to a particular company, and in that sense, they reflect the influence and importance of a company within the Biglaw ecosystem.. Industries the company focuses on range from aerospace and automotive to energy and financial institutions, life sciences and technology, and more.. The company advises across a range of industries including aviation, big data, Brexit, education, energy, environment and natural resources, financial services, healthcare, insurance, media and entertainment, national security, professional services, and technology.

With a history of 230 years, Cadwalader, Wickersham %26 Taft LLP is the oldest Wall Street company still in existence, providing its employees with strong training and both formal and informal support, as well as early practical experience. The company has worked on more than 3,700 such matters around the world in the last decade and advises on issues related to oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, coal and renewable energy. Founded almost 150 years ago in 1873, the law firm based in America is still going strong. It is even the largest law firm in the USA with a woman as its chairman.. The law firm stands for professionalism and houses lawyers with strong work ethics who support and look after each other..

Employees who are down-to-earth, cooperative and forward-looking will be a perfect fit for this progressive company.. Fortunately, from divorces to parking tickets, there are 1.3 million licensed lawyers and over 200 law firms with at least 500 lawyers to choose from. Lawyers who work in this top litigation business are independent and motivated. They have the autonomy to manage their workload and take intensive hours on complex matters while wearing jeans and flip-flops (if they so choose). The company is known for its work in antitrust law, insurance, M%26A, private equity, restructuring and securities litigation, among others.

Law firms, even if they are not listed on the stock exchange, can be larger than all but the largest companies by generating billions of revenue and employing thousands of people, including not only lawyers, but also lawyers, legal assistants, and other professionals. Each of Cravath’s operations is internationally oriented and more than a third of its customers are based outside the United States.

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