What Is the Largest Muscle in the Body?

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. However, it does not play much of a role in walking and other day-to-day activities. Unlike most other muscles in your body that help move you, the gluteus maximus only engages when you squat or perform lunges.

However, studies show that people who consistently engage their glutes while walking and doing everyday life activities may experience less pain and improved balance over time.

Glutes are essential for weightlifting as well as other sports or activities that require power and agility. They help you pick up an object from the ground, push your torso back over your hips so you can get up from a squatting position, and rotate your trunk both left and right. Strong glutes will also protect you from developing osteoarthritis later on in life by reducing the joint load on your spine during certain activities like bending over.

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