What Is The Biggest Beaver Ever Trapped?

The biggest beaver ever trapped was a North American giant beaver that was caught in 1925 in northern Alberta, Canada. This beaver was estimated to weigh over 80 pounds and measured five feet from head to tail. It was so large that it was mistaken for a bear when it was first sighted.

The North American giant beaver is the largest species of beaver in the world, and is the ancestor to the modern beavers we see today. It is believed to have been extinct for the past 10,000 years due to climate change and human hunting.

This particular beaver was discovered by a trapper named Henry Kropp in an area near Sturgeon Lake. Kropp noticed the beaver’s unusually large size and decided to capture it. He was able to trap it and took it to the Edmonton Zoo, where it was put on display.

The North American giant beaver was much larger than its modern-day cousins, and its body was quite different. Its fur was much darker and its tail was much thicker, measuring up to 18 inches in length. Its front teeth were also much larger and more curved than those of the modern beaver.

The North American giant beaver was an incredibly strong swimmer, and could reach speeds of up to eight miles per hour. It was also an excellent builder, capable of constructing dams up to 30 feet tall.

The North American giant beaver was also a voracious eater, capable of consuming up to 20 pounds of vegetation in a single day. It was known to eat its own kind, as well as fish and muskrats.

Sadly, this giant beaver is no longer with us, but its legacy lives on. It is remembered as a symbol of strength and resilience, and its memory is cherished by trappers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

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