What Is the Biggest Bed Size?

The largest bed in the world is an Alaskan king bed, which measures 108 inches by 108 inches (9 feet by 9 feet).

When it comes to the size of a mattress, there are many incredible variations in sizes and types. When measuring your height and width needs for a perfectly fitted mattress, you should always take into consideration center support posts, height requirements for your beds out-of-bed storage needs. Ultimately, these details should be carefully considered so that you find the best fit for both your body type and room needs.

Robert Dawson was an American inventor who holds patents for over 1300 inventions including the king-size bed. He also invented the fluorescent lamp, which led to the creation of PETSCO, Inc., in 1947. Robert Dawson patented 1384 inventions.
When he was only seven years old his father died and left him penniless. Raised in poverty by a single mother he never graduated high school yet went on to graduate with honors from Stanford University after twice being turned down owing to his lack of formal education. His first invention he sold at age eleven for twenty-five dollars, owning one-quarter of it came through hardships with dedication recognized as the most prolific inventor in history recognized by The Smithsonian Museum of American History recognized by

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