What is the largest scorpion?

The largest scorpion in the world is called the Goliath Gum Scorpion, it is a telsonless scorpion about 9.5 to 14.7 in (24-38 cm) long. It has a huge leg span of over 5.6 inches (15 cm), and is from Australia.

It is actually a cama-ron. Cama-ron means something like ‘lizard’ in Spanish, although it has legs. It’s also a telsonless scorpion. In North America, this would be called a Centruroides species. The Goliath Gummy Scorpion is much bigger than Centruroides, and the Centruroides is about 20 centimeters or 8 inches long. They are from Mexico and they don’t have a huge leg span.

There are many species of Goliath Gum Scorpion. They are all telsonless. Scorpions use their tail to protect themselves. The tail is really long. It makes a kind of umbrella, and the scorpion can extend and retract or expand it and contract it. They can turn it to different angles, and also move it at different angles, to use it effectively. It can act as a weapon, or make a stinger. But it also has different kinds of poison on it. It can produce poison for different purposes.

There are probably over one thousand different types of poisons, and the poisons of different scorpion species are different. And in different times and places, in certain species, there are actually no stings at all. So it depends on the kind of species and also which part of it is poisonous.

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