What is the biggest font style in Microsoft Word?

The answer is, Times New Roman.

Times New Roman’s height is 155 points, which is the height of 55 standard letters (assuming each letter occupies one point). Times New Roman was designed in 1931 by British typographer Stanley Morison for The Times newspaper, it is the default typeface mostly used for textbooks and academic material, it is also a popular choice when being given pomposity voice-over work in television trailers.

In this day and age ‘Light’ or ‘Semi-Light’ variants of fonts are more popular than heavily-weighted fonts for advertising copy, but with the advent of LCD screens and clear backlit writing on computer screens, there has been a resurrection of thick font types with a greater degree of darkness.

It is rare to see fonts above 160pt in use, though large type sizes can be seen on signage for very important buildings, or to emphasize the title of a book within its cover. The font size is typically reduced at smaller point sizes, however, there are no standard rules when it comes to this. If you find a type you like, and you want to be able to resize it, simply ask the artist for the exact size of their font. Lettering artists typically break down their letters into 5pt increments and can provide a chart measuring each letter in that style.

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