What Is the Biggest Carrot in the World?

World’s largest carrot found in Danville

The world’s largest carrot was found by a local farmer, John Mackay. It weighs nearly 18 pounds and is over 3 feet long!

What is the biggest carrot in the world?

This new record-breaking find has been verified by Guinness World Records, who also verified the previous record holder of a 13.5 pound carrot grown by Jim Denny of Pennsylvania back in 2016. “I don’t know what it is about my soil that makes carrots grow so big,” said Mackay when he was interviewed about his harvest this year. “But I’m sure glad they did.”

Mackay’s largest carrot ever grown in his hometown of Danville on Mercer Island. He says he wasn’t really expecting anything to come of his planting of seeds this year, but was shocked when one came up that exceeded all expectations. “I never would have thought it had the potential to be the world’s largest,” said Mackay.

The carrot is so large that Mackay plans to turn it into a float for this year’s Lions Club Fall Festival. “It’ll go right down Main Street with the Halloween stuff,” said Mackay, who plans to adorn his world record carrot with festive lights during the parade. He says he can’t imagine how much candy corn it would take to fill up a carrot of this size.

Mackay hasn’t always been the only one who has known about his hefty local attraction. He says that over the course of 8 weeks of growing his carrot, many people have stopped by to see it and share a laugh. Mackay went on to say that he had more visitors on this one plant than he’d ever seen before. “This should definitely be a good year for the harvest festival.”

Mackay says he may save some of his seeds to plant next year, so others can grow their own world record carrots at home. He also encourages them to come to see his big carrot before this year’s harvest festival parade. “It’s going to be a big one, that’s for sure,” said Mackay.

Heaviest carrot in the world

World’s biggest carrot weighs nearly 18 pounds and is over 3 feet long.

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