What Is The Name Of The Girl With The Longest Name In The World?

The girl with the longest name in the world is Laina Morris. She was born on May 23, 1983, in Denton, Texas. Her full name is Laina Annette de la Torre Morris.

Laina's parents were both from Mexico and they decided to give her a very long name so that she would always have a unique identity. They chose the names of several family members and friends to include in her full name.

Laina has never had any problems with her long name and says that it has actually been quite helpful in many situations. For example, she once met someone with the same first and last name as hers and they were able to easily connect because of their shared experience of having an unusually long name.

People are often surprised by how well Laina can spell her ownname - she attributes this to the fact that she has had a lot of practice!

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