What Is the Biggest Beer Drinking Country in the World?

The Biggest Beer Drinking Country in the World? China. They drink a whopping 132.5 billion liters of beer each year, outstripping runners-up United States at 79 billion liters and falling short to third place Germany with 62.8 billion liters. In 2009, China consumed an average of 285 beers per person – a hefty 190 grams – leading the world in alcohol consumption by volume for the first time according to Beijing’s Tsinghua University research center.

That same study suggests that 2011 saw 69% growth in Chinese beer consumption over just one decade, from 37 million hectolitres produced in 2000 to nearly 70 million hectolitres by 2011. What is the beer industry doing about China’s growing thirst? Trying their best to meet it, of course! Despite still being under tight government supervision (China only deregulated the beer industry in 1993), brewers are beginning to find ways into this massive market; among them Heineken and Carlsberg.

According to Guinness World Records 2014, China is the biggest beer-drinking country in the world. The Chinese drink 132.52 billion liters of beer per year, which amounts to about 190 liter (or over 52 gallons) per person!

The Biggest Beer Drinking Country in the World? China outstrips runner up the United States and third place Germany by a large margin.

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