What Is The Rarest Lip Shape?

Lip shapes come in all sorts of varieties, from thin and full to plump and puckered. However, some of the rarest lip shapes in the world are those that are found on some of the most famous faces.

The most renowned example of a rare lip shape is Angelina Jolie’s signature pout. This full and puckered shape is iconic, and it has been copied by many other celebrities. Although this lip shape has become very popular, it is still rare and can be difficult to replicate.

The “Cupid’s Bow” is another unique lip shape that is considered to be quite rare. This lip shape has a distinctive dip in the center, creating a heart-shaped appearance. This lip shape is most commonly seen on those with full, pouty lips and can be difficult to achieve.

The “Horseshoe” lip shape is another rare lip shape. This shape is defined by a full upper lip with a pronounced bow and a much thinner bottom lip. This lip shape is often seen on those with smaller mouths, and it is often accompanied by a more pointed chin.

The last rare lip shape is known as the “Inverted Cupid’s Bow.” This lip shape is characterized by a much fuller bottom lip than upper lip, and the center of the upper lip dips inwards rather than outwards. This lip shape is considered to be quite rare and is most often seen on those with thinner lips.

All of these lip shapes are considered to be some of the rarest in the world and can be difficult to achieve. However, with the right makeup and lip-plumping techniques, these looks can be achieved by anyone. It’s simply a matter of finding the right technique for your unique lip shape.

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